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Welcome to Roundpeg Talent

About Us

Understanding the Art of Talent

A decade ago, Roundpeg Talent was born out of Step Advisory, a management consulting firm with a proven track record of helping leaders grow significant businesses. These roots give us the capacity to understand the importance of strategy better than most and why talent is integral to enabling it.

With this in mind, we have built a remarkable team of individuals who work alongside our clients to fulfil their talent needs. Based in Johannesburg, we are relationally driven and embrace technology so that we can serve clients and skilled professionals across the globe.

Our clients trust us to understand the strategic goals of their organisation, the cultural and technical needs of their business, and through our platforms, to unlock the talent in the market that will enable their strategy, enhance their team and deliver growth in their businesses.

We love what we do. We see the bigger picture and understand that growth demands change.  Curious minds drive our need to unearth innovative solutions and imagine a new future.


Our value is measured by our ability to create better outcomes than could have been achieved without us. We know that true significance is achieved through leaving a lasting impact. We choose listening over speaking; understanding over knowing; insight over knowledge; impact over success; the pragmatic over the extravagant; we choose collaboration over obligation.


We take pride in our work – integrity, commitment and excellence come standard.