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Recruitment Services

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Roundpeg appreciates that the right people make growth possible – that Talent enables strategy. We work with organisational leadership to understand business drivers that inform our approach to recruitment.

Roundpeg emphasises collaboration, accountability, efficient processes, and the fluidity to adapt to your business realities.

At Roundpeg we offer tailored recruitment solutions, delivered by specialist recruiters, to service your specific business needs.

Not every business requires a comprehensive embedded recruitment service. That’s why we offer Specialist Recruitment Services that can be tailored to your specific talent acquisition requirements.

We offer Managed Recruitment Services, delivered by an embedded team working as an extension of your business. We take on the heavy lifting of hiring to support your overall long term talent strategy.

We provide Contracting Recruitment Services to find the skilled professionals you need to meet your project demands. We leverage our extensive network to source the best specialists for your business.